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Backup Power Supply 300B


PS-300 220VAC input,12VDC/3A output  weight is 1.65KG
PS-300B 200VAC input,12VDC/5A output  weight is 2.5KG
PS-300C 110V input,12VDC/5A output weight is 2.5 KG

suitable for all kinds of electric locks, NO/NC output, can connect with storage battery (without storage battery).
A. the basic description
The source with the industrial grade electronic components, using the international advanced
level of technology, its anti-interference ability, stable and reliable.

B. the scope of application
This power applies to all kinds of building intercom, all kinds of access controllers, especially suitable for driving all kinds of electric locks.

C. features
AC Input: Standard AC220V 50HZ
Regulator Output DC12V / 1000mA
The direct control of electric locks.
Can reduce the load of access controller to improve anti-interference.
Set NC / NO outputs, can control various types of electric locks.
Based delay control circuit, lock time can be arbitrarily adjusted in the 0-15 seconds.

Auto-protection function:
When the power supply short circuit or over-voltage accident occurs, the power supply will be temporarily cut off automatically, short-circuit troubleshooting, about 60 seconds after the power will automatically resume after, when the electric power lock time of more than 8 seconds, the circuit automatically cut off the power to protect the coil does not burn. Charging current limit protection against overcharging.

D. outer steel Size:
212mm X 172mm X 70mm;