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Access Power Supply with Backup Battery 08A


Technology Parameters:
AC Input Voltage  AC 110V 50Hz / AC 220V 50Hz
Output Voltage  DC12V
Output Electric Current  5A
Output Power  60W
Operating Temperature  -20’C-+60’C
Operating Humidity  90%
Size Implicit bat!eries  374 X 262 X 67  mm
Don’t implicit bat!eries  272 x 228 x 67  mm

General introduction:

Be made of superior components with international hi-tech; 2 year quality guarantee.


Be applied to building talkbacks and kinds of access controllers



Implicit batteries

1: With NC/NO outputsit canbe used for all kinds of electric lockers

2: It has time prolongation control circuitunlock duration adjusting but!on with time range 0-1Os.

3: It is deployed with unlock  button that can unlock  directly

4: It has auto protectionfuse and power switch.

5: Optional built-in 12V 7AH rechargeable bat!ery.

6: Adjustable output voltage at range 11-14V.

7: It gives  stable  voltage  outputwhich provides stable  work condition for elecrronic.

Don’t implicit batteries

1: Oual + 12 V output

2: It has auto protectionbuilt-in fuse

3: But the outer batteries. Technology Parameters