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Alloy Waterproof Standalone Access Controller S602M

Waterproof IP68
Strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated anti-vandal case
2000 uses, supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN
Metal Keypad
Backlight keys
Wiegang input and output available

Product Profile

S602M is Contact-less inductive card Metal Password Access Controller,According to the model, respectively support EM, HID, MIFARE three cards, It is one of the most advanced stand alone access controller.
It uses unique metal exterior design, Dexterity keyboard panel operation, Built-in high-grade microprocessors, Strong anti-interference ability, Safety and reliability is extremely high, can provide a powerful security for 2,000 users.
It has strong functions, such as low power consumption, Luminous keyboard, independent passwords, wiegand output, the output short circuit protection, door magnetic alarm, prevent demolition alarm, exit button, the doorbell interface, level of security Settings, etc. widely used in home, office, residential area and other public places.

  • Low power consumption: less than 30mA standby current
  • Luminous Keyboard: the night can also operate keyboard
  • User capacity: support 2,000 users
  • Independent password: can use password which irrelevant with the card to open the door
  • User modification password: User can revise the door password
  • Search speed: charge to open the door time less than 0.1s
  • Output short circuit protection: electric lock or alarm output circuit within 100 ɥS when shut down automatically output.
  • Wiegand output: With Wiegand output interface, Wg26 card number or Wg4 buttons output
  • Usable keyboard delete card number: After card is lost, usable keyboard delete card, Thoroughly eliminate safety lapses.
  • The demolition alarm: Illegal dismantling machine, buit-in alarm sound buzzer
  • The bell button and interface:key and circuit segregation, external any the doorbell
Size 118*56*20mm
Work Voltage DC9-28V
Static Current ≦30mA
Reading Range 3~8cm
Capacity 2000 users
Ambient Temperature -25℃~60℃
Ambient Humidity 10%- 90% RH
Electricity lock output ≦3A
Alarm output ≦20A
Output shirt circuit protection time ≦100ɥS
Open time 0~99 seconds adjustable
Wiegand Interface Wiegand 26 bit
Wiring Connections Electric Lock, Exit Button, External Alarm,External reader