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Real time GPRS 3G RFID Guard Patrol System GTT9

Product Description

GPRS watchman clocking system for home care system GTT9
It is a very popular real time guard tour control system  in the market.  working with 125khz tag and transmit date by GPRS, ensure the guard monitoring on line.  each unit equipped with panic alarm button make the system perfect.  with large records storage and rechargeable battery, this reader is designed to be durable.

Physical: medal body with rubber shell
Operation Mode: RFID,125KHz
Storage Capacity: 15000 pieces
Transmission: USB Cable, GPRS
Communications: GPRS or Pogo pin cable
IP Rating: IP67
Indication: vibration and colorful led
Battery: 3.7V/2000mAh/rechangable battery/ 69mm×41mm×6.3mm
Battery life: 350 000 continuous reads
Quad band: GSM850/EGSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900
Operating Temperature: -40 to 85°C
Weight: 144g
Dimention: 102mm*62mm*26mm

Management software
Three Types: Stand alone/BS/CS
Muti-language: English,Spanish,Russain,French,Portuguese,Thai

What is guard tour system?

GPRS real time security system for guard tour control

It works by installing a series of RFID Tags (each with its own unique global identification number) along patrol routes and having patrol personnel perform readings on the tags using a hand held reader. The recorded tag numbers along with each associated time stamps are later uploaded via communication adapters to computers for processing and verification. The results are displayed on the screen, printed or emailed so that managers can review at once job performance data of the patrolling personnel (attendance, locations patrolled and timeliness etc).

Hardware quick start guide 
1. Software setup
2. Have an equipment setup on software, including message sending mode, shut down time, your fixed IP address, APN number. Please note: do connect the equipment and start it when setting these items so that these information can be downloaded and be stored in the hardware.
3. Download guard name, checkpoint name and event to the reader
4. Choose guard name, start to patrol
5. Read tags installed on places, choose event name if any incident happened
6. The patrol records will be transferred to control center automatically or manually by GPRS soon as read a tag and choose an event.
7. When patrol records are transferred to control center, it will be displayed at once on the map of software, and you can use software to make a patrol analysis and statistics.

System Components
1. Reader
2. Tags
checkpoint Tag
Guard ID tag
3. Holster
4. USB cable
5. Charger
6. Software

USB Communication Cable

Use Pogo Pin connector as communication cable
according with DY/T1019, IEC61156, ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 standard.