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                               Double door Electromagnetic Lock EL800DST   350KGx2                                                             with LED/Door sensor and time delay

Voltage: DC12V or DC24V
Current Draw: 12V/480mAx2 24V/240mAx2
Lock Size: 500Lx55Wx28H(mm)
Armature plate: 190x45x11(mm)
Holding force: 350KG X2 (800LBS X2)
Built in LED, door sensor and time delay

Double door 350KG Electromagnetic Lock

NO Product Parameter Parameter Description
1 EL-800DS With LED and door sensor
2 EL-800DST With LED,door sensor and time delay
3 Lock Dimension  570Lx55Wx27.5H(mm)
4 Armature Plate Dimension 190Lx45Wx11H(mm)
5 Holding Force  350kgx2(800Lbsx2)
6 Input Voltage 12/24VDC+10%
7 Current Draw 480mAx2 at 12VDC       240mAx2 at 24VDC
8 Suitable for Wooden door , Glass door ,Metal door , Fireproof door
9 Signal Output Need to order EL-D350S
10 Surface Temp ≤+20°C
11 Operating Temp -10~+55°C(14-131F)
12 Suitable Humidity 0~90%(non-condensing)
13 Finishes for Shell Anodized aluminum
14 Finishes for Magnetic Zinc
15 Finishes for Armature Zinc
Double Electromagnetic Lock Series (800Lbs)
 Standard Carton box Unit Size Gross Weight /pcs Gross Weight /Carton
4pcs 570Lx55Wx27.5H(mm) 5.4kg 22.1KG