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Double door  Electromagnetic Lock EL1200DS   500KG X2
                                                                                      Built in LED and door sensor 

Voltage: DC12V or DC24V
Current Draw: 12V/500mAx2 24V/250mAx2
Lock Size: 530Lx71Wx40H(mm)
Built in LED,door sensor

Double door 500KG Electromagnetic Lock built in LED and door sensor

NO Product Parameter Parameter Description
1 Lock Dimension 532Lx67Wx39H(mm)
2 Armature Plate Dimension 185Lx57Wx13H(mm)
3 Holding Force 500kgx2(1200Lbsx2)
4 Input Voltage 12/24VDC+10%
5 Current Draw 480mAx2 at 12VDC       240mAx2 at 24VDC
6 Suitable for Wooden door , Glass door ,Metal door , Fireproof door
7 Signal Output Need to order EL-D1200S
8 Surface Temp ≤+20°C
9 Operating Temp -10~+55°C(14-131F)
10 Suitable Humidity 0~90%(non-condensing)
11 Finishes for Shell Anodized aluminum
12 Finishes for Magnetic Zinc
13 Finishes for Armature Zinc
14 Weight 9KG
15 Standard Packing 4pcs
Double Electromagnetic Lock Series (1200Lbs) 
 Standard Carton box Unit Size Gross Weight /pcs Gross Weight /Carton
4pcs  532Lx67Wx39H(mm 9kg 36.5KG