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5 Line Electric Bolt Lock With door state detection output point and Timer C2001D

Signal Output: door open or door close state detection
with output point, NC/COM

I. Fail Safe: Adjustable fail-safe (power to lock) Adjustable to fail-safe (power to lock) for public places.  
Face Plate 205Lx35WX40H(mm)
Strike plate 90Lx25Wx2H(mm)
Bolt 16mm(Throw) x 16mm(Diameter)
II. Built-in oval cylinder as unlocking device 
Use of oval cylinder to unlock when power cut occurred or during emergency
Built-in photo couplers door open push button input contact. Door will lock again automatically when door is not open within 9 seconds
III. Bolt lock Suitable For Wooden Door,Glass Door,Metal Door,Glass Door 
Fail Safe power to lock
Voltage DC12V
Start Current 960mA
Standby Current 130mA
Face place material High Aluminum,Carrulous Line