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Electric Bolt Lock specially for automatic door BL2100A

Voltage: DC12V

Start Current: 900mA

Standby Current: 150mA

Face Plate: 205Lx35WX41H(mm)

Strike plate : 90Lx25Wx2W(mm)

Solid Bolt: polishing housing, 800Kg Holding Force

Signal Output: Door status Output,NC/COM

Timer: 0/ 3/ 6/ 9 seconds available to set

Electric Bolt Lock specially for automatic door (required bracket together)

  1. Fail Safe: Adjustable fail-safe (power to lock)

Adjustable to fail-safe (power to lock) for public places.

Adjustable to fail-secure (power to open) to achieve long unlock state function.

Face Plate 205Lx35WX40H(mm)
Strike plate 90Lx25Wx2H(mm)
Bolt 16mm(Throw) x 16mm(Diameter)
  1. Built-in oval cylinder as unlocking device

Use of oval cylinder to unlock when power cut occurred or during emergency
Built-in photo couplers door open push button input contact. Door will lock again automatically when door is not open within 9 seconds

III. Bolt lock Suitable For Wooden Door,Glass Door,Metal Door,Glass Door 

Fail Safe power to lock
Voltage DC12V
Start Current 960mA
Standby Current 150mA
Face place material Stainless steel
Holding force 800kg